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Monday, April 16, 2018   Assessment10    0 Reviews

If you want to grow and care for bonsai, you must know that this is a world where there is a lot to learn and to be teached. You can start by buying a bonsai online to learn a little more about these miniature trees. They are extremely popular for a multitude of enthusiastic gardeners.

The art of bonsai

It dates back to 700 AD in the Chinese Empire. Then It was introduced in Japan and followed the Zen influence of Buddhism. The bonsai was used to make magical creations of miniature landscapes. Later on it became a valuable present.

These tiny trees are grown in the soil and then gradually transplanted into smaller pots to keep their dwarf size and to keep their leaves smaller each time. It is essential to prune their branches, to shape their bearing as well as reduce their roots with each transplant. You can also sow the seeds directly in small pots and thus control growth and shape from the very beginning.

If you are going to take care of a bonsai for the first time, it is best you choose a small one, whose care is simple, so that you can gradually learn pruning techniques and how to water and fertilize.

As for their varieties they are many and requirie specific care according to their type. The bonsais of conifers (pine trees, cedars, junipers) and flowering trees and shrubs (cherry trees, hawthorns, Judas trees, flamboyants…) are very attractive. Why not try to create a mini forest of maple trees, beech trees or even fig trees in miniature ?

Get started in this millennial art by buying your bonsai seeds on line in our ‘world of bonsai’ where you will find everything you need.






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