TERRARIUM MIX (suculentas y crasas)
  • TERRARIUM MIX (suculentas y crasas)
  • TERRARIUM MIX (suculentas y crasas)
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This Terrarium in a vintage glass can will be a nice gift to your friends and family! It consists of several succulents and crasas.

Place it at home in a bright place and from time to time open it to maintain its optimum moisture point that allows never have to water!

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Plant usage Decorative, Indoor Plant

Dig a hole at least two or three times as wide and deep as the root ball. Take out the plant from the container and loosen roots to allow them to spread out in all direction. Cut possible broken roots. Mix the soil extracted with a substrate and fill part of the hole with the mixture obtained. Place the plant in the hole and cover with the remaining mixture. Compact the soil around the plant and water thoroughly.

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