Minikap 60 is a propagation greenhouse with a self-irrigation system for the production of 60 young plants throughout the year. It is used to sow, make cuttings, to grow aromatic herbs and for pots tray with auto irrigation.

Mini-greenhouse with self-watering. Ideal for reproduction by seeds and cuttings both inside and outside. It can be used as many times as desired.

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The product measures 55x24.5x9.5cm and consists of:

- Tank for water (3 liters)

- Platform for plants 

- Capillary mat that absorbs water from the tank and transfers it to the plants

- Tray for plants with room for 60 cuttings or seeds

- Transparent plastic cover with ventilation holes to maintain adequate humidity and temperature.

Tips for use: Do not water from above, since the capillary mat absorbs enough water. Avoid direct sunlight when the lid is on.

More information in the instructions on the package.

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